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06. Reviews / Reasons to choose us

15 Reasons to use our service: a bundle of benefits

1. We are open on weekday Evenings  – so you don’t need to take time off work.

2. We travel to you – This is convenient and reduces hassle for you. There’s no traffic, no need to find parking, no boring waiting room. Instead, you can go about your normal life, and we slot into your schedule.

3. We have 15+ years of Irish experience, so will have seen your type of document before, and we may be able to help you avoid common pitfalls.

4. We also have experience in relation to foreign documents; being appointed as a ‘Commissioner for Oaths’ for SK, Canada and ‘Commissioner of Deeds’ for NH, USA

5. We are established so long that we own the domain name “www.CommissionerForOaths.ie”. So we are easy to find and contact. We also own www.CommissionerOfOaths.ie. We have dedicated many hours to creating and fine tuning our website based on positive customer feedback.

6. The best compliment in business is repeat business, we have many happy customers who have been kind enough to write positive reviews on our Google business page.

7. Our service has been mentioned positively in the local news media.

8. Price certainty. We openly state our standard price on our website or we can give a personalised quote for complex jobs. There is no mystery for the customer. Whereas some other service providers do not mention pricing on their websites, or may boast a low figure which is hard to achieve in reality.

9. We accept Cash, and can also accept PayPal.

10. We provide receipts – which is very useful for business customers. Other service providers often do not do this, which can leave you out of pocket if you later decide to claim back the amount paid in expenses from your employer.

11. Beware of cheaper providers: Much of our work actually involves re-doing documents that people had signed by cheaper ‘authorised witnesses’ who may have been ‘friends of friends’ of a person needing a document signed. Such ‘authorised witnesses’ usually mean well but have little incentive to care about the quality of their work because they are merely doing someone a favour. In contrast, we are a business with a 15+ year positive reputation to maintain. We have an incentive to do a good job for our customers.

12. Our service is provided by an Irish-born native English speaker, with lifelong experience with Irish administration – so we have an understanding of various processes, are more likely to spot certain errors on your document.

13. Personal service – You can speak with our principal – Mr David O’Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths – directly. You will not have to waste time with a Telephone “Press 1 for this, 2 for that” system, nor Switchboard, nor explain who you are to a Secretary.

14. We carry proof that we are a Commissioner for Oaths – You can inspect our credentials in the form of our Supreme Court Certificate of Appointment and Personal Passport. It is illegal for a person to describe themselves as a Commissioner for Oaths unless they are. At a High Court hearing in 2010 there was an example of some other person who had been signing documents but no evidence was presented to the Court that they were appointed as a Commissioner for Oaths for the Cork area.

15. Document Security

    • a) Correctly worded rubber stamps – we have a wide range of stamps. This minimises the amount of handwriting on documents, thereby creating a more professional, cleaner, appearance
    • b) Embossing – On most documents, we emboss every page that we sign with our seal. Our seal is engraved with our name and jurisdiction, and because we keep strict custody of the seal, this confirms that we personally handled every page. Embossing with our seal also ensures that pages cannot be added or replaced
    • c) Brass Eyelet Binding – In some circumstances when you have multiple pages which were signed, and which are all destined for the same receiver, we can permanently attach your documents with a solid brass eyelet. So instead of using an ordinary staple, which can easily be removed, we punch a small 3/16″ hole through the reinforced red legal corner and the documentation. We then insert the brass eyelet through the hole with a special eyeletter device. This clenches the eyelet to a matching washer on the other side. Once set, eyelets are impossible to remove, and your papers become 100% secure. Many others only use staples, but we believe that eyeletting is a far more secure binding method that guards against tampering and fraud. In addition, it is a requirement at certain consulates and embassies
    • e) Sharpie Film Marker – Whenever we write on the back of photographs (usually for Citizenship / Naturalisation applications), to avoid smudges, we use a special quick-drying ‘Smear-Guard’ Sharpie marker
    • d) Indelible Ink – For most documents, we use permanent ink. Permanent ink bonds to paper fibre, and is superior to regular ink in two significant ways:
      • 1) it is tamper-proof due to its insolubility in water, alcohol, detergent, bleach and solvents;
      • 2) it is waterproof, lightfast and acid-free, so signatures do not fade over time. We use DIN ISO 14145-2 Certified Document Ink
      • e) For documents that need to last many years we use ISO 9706 archive quality paper. This alkaline paper lasts longer and also has the benefit of being crisper and whiter in appearance.