We also sign Peace Commissioner type documents – Available evenings – We travel to you – Cork City & suburbs – Mr David O’Sullivan

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Do you have a document which needs the signature of Commissioner for Oaths / Peace Commissioner / Practising Solicitor (Lawyer / Attorney) / Notary Public? Yes, we can sign (and rubber stamp) most of these document types.

We operate convenient, customised, travelling service covering Cork City & suburbs, focusing on weekday evenings. We aim to offer a same-day service.

This means you won’t need to take time off work because we travel to you at a time that suits your schedule. For example, we can travel to your home on a weekday evening for 6.30pm.

COVID-19 Risk Minimisation

While the world gets back to normal, many people are less and less concerned about COVID-19, however we appreciate that many customers are concerned about minimising their risks.

    • Outdoors: We travel to you, but we remain outdoors using a special A3 sized clipboard designed fornuse outdoors, which protects against wind and rain. We will phone you on arrival to discuss whether you wish to step outside, or would prefer to remain indoors (with us witnessing your signature through glass). We can wear a mask (P3 valved half face respirator or a disposable surgical mask) and face shield.
    • Social distance: We maintain a 2-metre distance, and do not shake hands. You use your own pen, and we use ours.
    • Minimise contact time: As always; you will have your document completed in advance (except for signature section, because we must see you sign that in our presence).
    • Payment: Card or Cash (As always: change given).
    • Wash hands: We sanitize our hands before meeting, and after meeting, using our own hand sanitizer.


Phone / Text / Email

Mr David O’Sullivan
BA, DipBusLegalStudies, HDipHRM
Commissioner for Oaths, Cork, Ireland
  • Travelling service
  • Focusing on weekday evenings
  • Cork City & suburbs

Phone (direct line): 087 900 43 46
Text/SMS/WhatsApp/Viber: 087 900 43 46
Email: cork@commissionerforoaths.ie

Fees: See the fees page

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