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03. What To Bring

  Bring your Passport

A valid Passport (from any country) is the best form of photo ID.
Alternatively, we can accept a modern Driving Licence (from Ireland only) for certain documents. On rare occasions, a customer may have neither, in which case we can discuss alternative means of establishing their ID.

 Bring Yourself

We must see you signing your document in person.

 Bring your entire document / documents

While you might wish to bring just the final ‘signature page’ you should actually bring the entire document.

This is because your Affidavit / Statutory Declaration might refer to Exhibits, in which case the front page of those Exhibits (or a cover sheet) also needs to be signed by the Commissioner for Oaths at the same time as the main signature page.

Do complete as much of your document as you can before you meet the Commissioner for Oaths, but do not sign or write anything in the final section of the document because that section should be completed only by the Commissioner for Oaths. This final section is known as the ‘Testimonium’ and it is the job of the Commissioner for Oaths to complete that section confirming what act he performed in relation to the document. In the case of a Statutory Declaration of Affidavit, it is called the ‘Jurat’ and will typically begin with words similar to:

  • SWORN/DECLARED before me…
    this [blank] day of [blank]…
    at [blank]…

    Signature 1…                  Signature 2…

If you are unsure feel free to ask us, because we will likely have encountered your type of document many times before, and will know its layout.