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How to get Irish Citizenship via Naturalisation or Naturalization?

Are you applying using the Form 8 for Irish Citizenship?

We can sign and rubber stamp your documents for Irish Naturalisation. We work evenings, and we visit you, in Cork City & suburbs (so there’s no need to take time off work!)

We have successfully signed documents relating to applications for Irish Citizenship / Naturalisation since 2008. We own the domain name of “Naturalisation.ie” We have successfully signed applications for people from all countries, who have since become Irish citizens.

After your citizenship is granted you will be eligible to apply for an Irish Passport

UK/British in Citizens, in particular, have been seeking Irish Citizenship since Brexit, because it gives access to EU freedom of movement.

In 15 years of experience, we have seen how every application differs. Our pricing – for all tasks (even beyond citizenship) – is based on the time, and the number of signatures required.

An applicant will have quite a lot of paperwork, and will have spent months compiling it by the time they reach the stage of looking for a Commissioner for Oaths. A Commissioner for Oaths is only concerned with a subset of the documentation. Thanks to our experience if a potential customer can tell us some preliminary information we can calculate a quotation.

Information requested is:

1) What country are you currently a citizen of?

2) Does your passport name match your birth certificate name?
if you name is different then do you have a document to prove you connection to the new name (e.g. marriage certificate)

3) Are you applying for naturalisation on the basis of being in Ireland legally for 5 years in your own right, or on the basis of being married to a citizen of Ireland and being in Ireland for just 3 years?

4) Where in Cork are you located?

This information will allow us to estimate the number of documents to be signed, and hence the time, and hence a quotation.

What would we typically sign?

Every application differs, here is a list of some common documents:

  1. Statutory Declaration of the Applicant
  2. (if married) Statutory Declaration of Irish Citizen spouse of the applicant
  3. (if married) Certified copy of Marriage Cert
  4. (if married) Certified copy of Irish spouses proof of Irish Citizenship (if applicable)
  5. The rear of 2 Passport Photos, where we vouch that the applicant does looks like is/her photos
  6. Certified copy of Applicant’s Foreign language Birth cert
  7. Certified copy of Applicant’s English¬†language (translated) Birth cert
  8. Certified copy of Applicant’s passport(s) – photo page only – which cover(s) the 3 or 5 year residency period.